Life is Too Short

Life is short. Pun.

Life is short. Pun.

Life is too short for you to silly beef
Yes you will disagree on belief
But if it doesnt kil why fight
Will it help if you attack by night?

Life is too short for you to insult back
If it glows extinguish the spark
Let it light and you too are a fool
Just walk away and keep your cool

Life is too short for you to be jealous
If they can let them buy new cars
If you cant dont try to match
If you cant swallow it all why chew excess batch

Life is too short for you to shorten it further
A storm always guarantees fair weather
Stay strong dont give up just yet
The sun will shine just a little time left.

Look At Her


Look at her perfectly formed face
All features in their right place
She supersedes what you could best imagine
Better than the one in the magazine

Look at how they get gay
When her body they eye
Her body would make you say
She has ballons at the meeting of her thighs

Look at the class in her step
To admire you can’t help
A kiss to her I blow
For even the ground giggles from below

Look at how other girls feel
When on the floor she shows her skill
She shakes her own with vigour
And her sweat is probably liqour


They appear in camouflage
pushing me to indulge
mincing into many tiny pieces
my good stubbornness

Obviously first i resist
defiantly with a firm fist
but then i get called naive
and i overturn their lip curve

my willpower takes kicks and blows
more posse persuasion follows
at our favourite spot
i am told this life is short

And swiftly they say
any day could be the day
you can never know
so come on lets go

What have we done?


What have you done

To help your walking brother run

When his strength is almost up

Have you added coffee to his cup


What have you done

To cool your brother’s burn

When he weeps in writhing pain

Do you just stare and wait for rain


What have I done

Honestly not the best I can

For when my brother’s day was tough

I did not care long enough

The Poet Planet.

Welcome to poet planet. Well this adventure is in the mind of one human being. Come experience this place where walls are build with words. To try and create something amazing enough. Hope you enjoy. Peace.